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Radio stations around the US hacked to play anti-Trump song on repeat

Laura  Barnes
Radio stations around the US hacked to play anti-Trump song on repeat

There have been a number of protests against the USA’s latest president since his inauguration a couple of weeks back.

While we’ve seen marches across both sides of the pond and actors using their award ceremony speeches to express their opinions about Trump, tt turns out that hackers have also been taking control of some of America’s radio stations of play a continuous loop of YG and Nipsey Hussle’s track FDT (Fuck Donald Trump).

Radio listeners in South Carolina, Indiana, Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky have been treated to the tune, which has made its way onto various stations in those areas over the past two weeks.

In some cases, “Fuck Donald Trump’ was repeated on stations for hours before they noticed. And some had to go entirely off the air for several hours to fix the problem.
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It turns out the hackers managed to control some of the stations’ internet-connected antennas, which apparently aren’t secured by default. One device in particular, the Barix Estreamer, was used by a number of the radio stations that were hacked to play the anti-Trump tune.

This isn’t the first time a hack of this kind has happened. Last year, a number of US radio stations had their regular programming interrupted by a podcast about furry sex. You think they would have learnt their lesson…

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