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QUIZ: Pokemon or obscure musical instrument?

Laura  Barnes
QUIZ: Pokemon or obscure musical instrument?

As the whole world appears to be going completely Pokemon mad, those not familiar with the 90s cartoon and video game series may be hearing a whole lot of unusual words being shouted in either glee or frustration from pedestrians as they pop to the local shops.

But do you know your Voltorb from your Volinka? Should you be catching a Koziol in a ball or playing it like a bagpipe?

Luckily for you, Classic FM has put together a fun quiz to help you sort your Jigglypuff from your Jinghu.

Take Classic FM’s Pokemon or Obscure Musical Instrument Quiz and see if you can beat my score of 10/10 – yes, I am a nerd.
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If you’re sick of hearing about Pokemon, before you wish for the fad to go away, have a read of how some high street businesses are taking advantage of the craze.

The Pokemon Go mobile game has a feature whereby certain places of interest are turned into PokeStops – this means players can visit that stop to collect goodies to help them catch monsters. Players can also attach a ‘Lure Module’ to a PokeStop, which attracts more Pokemon to that area for 30 minutes.

As some of these PokeStops have turned out to be pubs, or builds that the public can actually go into, some are using this extra advertisement to their advantage.

Some coffee shops and pubs have found that a PokeStop can be accessed while inside their premise and have taken to encouraging players to stick a Lure Module on the PokeStop and come inside for 30 minutes, have a drink and wait for the Pokemon, and other players, to appear.

There’s even rumours that the game publishers could do deals with local businesses to turn them into PokeStops for a period of time.

So it may be worth checking to see if your shop is a PokeStop or near one, and if so, letting Pokemon Trainers know they are welcome to come in and look around while they hunt down a Pikachu or two.

You never know, they might end up buying something.

Pikachu playing guitar by onewingedtenchi

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