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Q&A: Gareth Underwood

Q&A: Gareth Underwood

Gareth Underwood, brand manager for Samson and Hartke gives us an insight into his musical tastes...

Q. What is the first single you bought?It was Funky Gibbon by The Goodies. In my defence I was seven years old so I blame my parents!Q. What is the greatest ever album, in your opinion?
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It changes, but I keep going back to David Bowie’s Hunky Dory.Q. Who is your favorite musician? Whoever I am supporting with Hartke gear at the time. Q. What are you  listening to now? Gone back to White Stripes’   at the moment.Q. Where and when did your favorite gig take place? The Pogues at Cambridge Corn Exchange in March 1988. It was a memorable gig at a brilliant time in my life so it ticks all the boxes.Q. What would be your ultimate live music lineup? Too many choices, too little time, but none of The Goodies. Q. What do you like to do in your spare time? I have a 12-month-old boy who wants to be on his feet all the time so my spare time is all about him walking. My role in life is as a moveable support structure. Q. Do you play an instrument? No I got into the music industry as a roadie cause I don’t have the patience to practice playing an instrument to become just average. I know my limits.

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