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Public DJ decks unveiled in Portobello Road

Laura  Barnes
Public DJ decks unveiled in Portobello Road

Public DJ decks have popped up in London’s Portobello Road to encourage commuters and tourists to try their hand a mixing.

Inspired by the ‘Play Me I’m Yours’ art pianos which you’ll find dotted around London, those getting hands-on with the DJ decks will also have a chance to get a lesson from professional DJs and producers.

The decks have been set up by Blind Pig Cider, inviting people to “rethink the unwritten rules that stop us exploring and enjoying the world around us”.

The booth has been custom-designed so that anyone can have a go, whether they are seasoned experts, or complete novices.
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It comes pre-loaded with a set of tracks spanning decades and genres, including grime, pop and even a few wild cards designed to encourage maximum mash-up of styles.

“Although there are plenty of rules out there that serve a genuinely good purpose, we all have a tendency to let a sense of shyness or perceived authority stop us from trying things which could otherwise be enormously positive, socially rewarding experiences,” said Emma Sherwood Smith from Blind Pig Cider.

“As most will know the world of DJing is beset with rules – such as don’t approach the DJ or make requests, and absolutely never touch the hardware… But we’re actively asking people to do exactly that.

“We want to hear them mixing tracks you may not expect to hear together and prove you can love music and still not take yourself too seriously. We are buzzing to hear what people might come up with and find out how the experience may have inspired them to go on and find some other ways to turn a blind eye to unnecessary rules!”

The decks will be open to anyone who wants to have a go from today (Wednesday 12th) to Friday 14th October, from 11am to 8pm, at the corner of Portobello Road and Tavistock Road.

Free DJ lessons will be available to anyone who wants one, on a first-come, first-served basis, by the Glitter Beats on Wednesday and music producer/DJ David Beiger on Thursday and Friday.

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