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Prynth: An open-source platform for DIY synths

Laura  Barnes
Prynth: An open-source platform for DIY synths

Developer Ivan Franco has launched an open-source platform to allow people to create their own unique synthesizers.

Budding synth makers need a Raspberry Pi, circuit board and components to create their own synth and can use the Prynth platform to instruct them on how to assemble their own device and world of coding.

Naturally building a synthesizer requires some DIY chops but with Prynth that barrier is relatively low. It’s intentionally kept simple and following a plug-and-play logic of accessible components, for learning and quick prototyping.

“We think there is an opportunity to explore new hybrid designs in synthesizers,” explains the website. “Many previous hardware devices have included some form of reconfigurability but not many have embraced computation strongly or deeply explored the concept of a highly programmable synthesizer.
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“The goal of this project is to offer freely accessible technologies to build such instruments.”

Find out more about the open-source platform at

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