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PMT expands to new head office

Ronnie Dungan
PMT expands to new head office

PMT owner S&T is moving out of its Southend HQ of 22 years to new, bigger premises in the town.

The firm says increased store expansion, online activity and the acquisition of Dolphin means that it has outgrown its Southend base and will move to new premises in the town next week. The new HQ address is 59 Queens Road, Southend, SS1 1NL.

Joint managing director Terry Hope said: "It's with a hint of sadness that we have to take this step. Since we started out, one of the most difficult decisions in any business meeting would be who got to sit on the sofa, and who got to sit on an amp. The most important factor in this decision would depend on the quantity and quality of the biscuits that any visitor came equipped with. It's become part of PMT folk lore.

"The fact is that we have been running a very large company from a match box for far too long. Despite our massive growth over the last 5 years, we were still operating out of the same office space we started with. My tinge of sadness at the loss of our tradition is wildly outweighed by the excitement of this latest part of our expansion. It means that our office staff will no longer have to be under 8 stone, survive in an oxygen free environment and have to play a Russian roulette version of Musical Chairs!
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But this venture is a lot more than just a new office. Within the spacious facility, will be the new call centre for the expansion of PMTonline. There will also be photographic, video and audio studios for Dolphin, PMT, Turnkey, and the opportunity to roll out our exciting in-store entertainment sales tool ‘PMTV’, a rolling video channel directly accessing the thousands of customers that pass through our doors each week.

"It should also ensure that our somewhat ambitious growth plans for the next 2/3 years are not hampered by having to deal with any more admin restrictions."

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