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Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason saves Foote's music shop

Jory Mackay
Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason saves Foote's music shop

Pink Floyd's drummer, Nick Mason, has stepped in to help save Foote's, the London music shop where he bought his first ever drum kit.

Nick, along with Foote's long-time sales director, Rob Wilson, are buying out the family who has owned the business since the 1930s.

Nick commented on his history with Foote's saying: "After 40 something years of playing, I still have great affection for a real drum shop. And Foote's has a special significance for me. In 1958, I headed down to the West End of London to a basement in Denman Street where a kindly man called Sid, in a white coat (maybe that's significant as well) sold me my original kit for £7.50."

"Included in the job lot was a Gigster bass drum, a snare drum of indeterminate age and parentage, hi-hat, cymbals, and an instruction book on the mysteries of flam paradiddles and ratamacues (Which I am still attempting to unravel). Armed with this devestating kit I joined my friends to form "The Hotrods." The fact that none of us could actually play our instruments seemed a minor problem on our road to stardom."
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Foote's, which sells instruments ranging from woodwind, brass and strings to drums and percussion, is relocating from its old location in Golden Square, Soho, to a newly refurbished shop half a mile away at 41 Store Street, in London's Bloomsbury.

Rob, 48, has been a key figure at the shop for almost 30 years and will carry the business forward with Nick providing part of the necessary funding.

"At the eleventh hour, our business loan was turned down by our bank," says Rob. "It was a major blow to our plans, but Nick came to our rescue. Without him, and our collective of generous investors, Foote's would be no more."

Nick explained his reason for wanting to keep the drum shop open, saying "It's more than an opportunity to buy an instrument. There's an opportunity to catch up with any new ideas from the manufacturers, new sounds that you simply can't appreciate online and, of course, to talk drums and equipment with an expert."

The new Foote's location will open mid-December, while internet sales are still available at

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1 comment

Glad to hear about the good news for Rob at Foote's and perhaps this may be a catalyst for other joint ventures for MI retailers.
Lets hope a few more Pro musicians also remember their roots and help to drum up support for their local UK stores.
Perhaps this may help to maintain a legacy of retailers providing a place for musicians to try and BUY products for creating great music in the UK. (unless of course you prefer internet based Euro-pop....)
Really fantastic news that another good UK "bricks and mortar" music store lives to fight another day.
All The Best to you Rob, wish you every success.
Regards, Finchy. (Electrovision Sales (South England), suppliers to the MI TRADE)

Steve Finch

Steve Finch INDUSTRY
Dec 19th 2012 at 2:57PM

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