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Philips creates a hi-res audio recorder for musicians

Laura  Barnes
Philips creates a hi-res audio recorder for musicians

Philips Speech Processing Solutions is best known for its dictation devices used by the likes of journalists and students. The firm has now bolstered its range of products with a new recorder for musicians.

The DVT7500 is a hi-res audio recorder featuring three in-built microphones and XLR connectors. It can record PCM (WAV) and MP3 files at up to a 24 bit/96 kHz sampling rate.

Users can record via either the three high quality microphones or XLR and line-in connectors – or via a combination of the two, allowing musicians to simultaneously record voice via the microphones while also plugging in their instrument to record directly.

The input volume can also be manually adjusted by up to -20dB using a dial on the side of the device with the music recorded either directly to the 16GB of internal storage or via the microSD slot for cards of up to 64GB.
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A built-in tripod thread also gives musicians the option to position the device at the perfect distance from the instrument.  

Despite the inclusion of three optimally placed high quality microphones and the integrated protective grill, the design of the DVT7500 has allowed the product to remain small and lightweight. Thanks to Plug and Play for both Windows and MAC OS, recordings can be quickly accessed with the recorder being automatically displayed as a removable drive. The DVT7500 can also be used to store or as a back-up drive.

Accessories supplied with the product include a protective pouch, USB cable, line-in cable, the XLR adaptor and a detachable windscreen protector for the microphones.

The DVT7500 is available with an SRP of £299.

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