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Peavey announces new PA package

Gary Cooper
 Peavey announces new PA package

Peavey has bundled several of its best-known, road-proven, PA products into a single package, which it is calling the Pro Pack 1800 PA system.

Designed to appeal to both dealers and end-users who want to eliminate the effort involved in specifying a complete system from scratch, the company says: "Peavey has put together an 1,800 watt PA package suitable for everyone from churches and schools to bands and DJs.  Using the new Pro12 MKII for crystal clear vocals and the Pro Sub MKII for providing the depth and weight to the system ensures dynamic and reliable performance in a multitude of applications"

The Pro Pack 1800 contains: 1 x PV2600 Power Amplifier, 1 x PV14 Mixer, 2 x Pro 12 8 Ohm Enclosures, 2 x Pro Sub Enclosures and 2 x PSB Poles. It carries a suggested retail price of £1.390.

Peavey: 01536 424664
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