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Open To Question: Paul McManus, MIA

Open To Question: Paul McManus, MIA

MI Pro is lining up an interview with the MIA’s chief executive Paul McManus. But it’s an interview with a difference – you, the MI Pro readers will be asking the questions.

The format is simple. Email us via with the question – or questions – you’d like us to ask Paul. And we’ll put them to him.

You can ask him about the role the MIA plays in the UK MI business, what he’s planning to do to help MI retailers in 2016, his aims for the prestigious MIA Awards, his favourite bands, his hobbies at the weekend – anything. The only proviso is that questions cannot be anonymous; you must put your name to the question.

The (MIA) Music Industries Association is the UK trade association servicing and representing the interests of all UK businesses selling musical instruments and associated products. Paul McManus joined the MIA in 20013 as CEO, having previously worked in the retail space with John Lewis and Marks & Spencer. He also became the CEO of the MI industry’s charity Music For All in 2007.
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The interview with Paul will run the week beginning February 15th. Send your questions – and suggestions for other industry execs you’d like us to feature in the Open To Question series - to

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