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Online marketplace OnBuy opens for sellers, aims to rival Amazon and offer better margins

Laura  Barnes
Online marketplace OnBuy opens for sellers, aims to rival Amazon and offer better margins

New online marketplace OnBuy has opened its doors for professional sellers to sign up.

The site claims to be a new British rival to Amazon and offers zero selling fees and better margins.

Those who signs up now will benefit from early bird perks, which will “help support their sales strategy by highlighting their products to visitors to the site”.

“OnBuy has arrived and we are ready to take on Amazon and other online marketplaces,” said Cas Paton, managing director of OnBuy.
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“For too long sellers have had a raw deal, with their profit margins squeezed by having to pay commission on every product they sell.

“OnBuy is different – there are no selling fees. We want to work with sellers, not against them or in competition with them. We are here to help them grow their business and customer base.”

MI Pro’s technology retail-focused sister title PCR has followed the online marketplace’s development over the past few years.

The site suffered a set back when original investors Centerprise pulled out in 2014, leaving Paton and his team to start afresh.

PCR’s last report on the marketplace suggested that it was set for a relaunch in July 2015 and also that OnBuy will eventually charge 7% for each sale made.

But the latest press release (November 7th, 2016) insists that OnBuy offers no sales fees, no hidden fees and a simple subscription model.

For a monthly subscription fee of £49 (Exc VAT), OnBuy says sellers benefit from a “far better deal than they will find on rival sites such as Amazon and eBay”.

“They will also be promoted by a huge push to consumers in January, followed by a planned high-profile marketing campaign across online, print, TV, radio, and social media,” said the firm.

“The subscription model means that for the vast majority of sellers, the cost-per-sale is lower than those charged by Amazon and eBay, allowing vendors to sell at lower prices and pass savings on to customers.”

Paton believes that working with OnBuy will also help the British economy.

“The benefits are not just for sellers and customers, but for the economy as a whole. As a British company, OnBuy pays its taxes in the UK and is passionate about supporting the British economy,” he said.

“We’re very excited to be at this crucial stage in the development of a marketplace which we believe will shake up online shopping and offer both sellers and shoppers the deals they deserve.”

For more information about becoming an OnBuy seller visit

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