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New Yanagisawa Saxophones UK website launches

Laura  Barnes
New Yanagisawa Saxophones UK website launches

Barnes and Mullins has announced the launch of a new UK website for Yanagisawa Saxophones.

The new web portal offers a comprehensive presentation of the brands extensive UK saxophone catalogue currently available through the distributor Barnes and Mullins.

Founded in 1896, the Japanese saxophone manufacturer has stayed true to its passion of handcrafting the finest saxophones suitable for students and top-level professional saxophonists.

Famed for producing instruments that are unrivalled in both tone and playability, the brand has earned the respect of professionals across the world.
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The firm’s impressive artist roster includes Antonio Hart, Marshall McDonald, Snake Davis, The Lovely Laura and BBC Young Musician finalist, Jess Gillam.

The new UK web portal offers an in depth overview of the UK saxophone range that currently encompasses Sopranino, Straight Soprano, Curved Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone models.

Mouthpieces, Necks, Ligatures and other accessories are also available to view, as well as detailed information regarding historic, archived models no longer in production.

B&M's associate marketing director Alex Mew commented: “Yanagisawa Saxophones are famed for their craftsmanship and elegance, and with that in mind, we believe that these instruments are deserving of a suitably professional, UK-specific online presence which can act as a showcase for musicians in the UK and Ireland.”

The website also encompasses information regarding the brands latest news and events, a Google-Map powered retailer locator map, links to Yanagisawa’s UK-specific social media channels and a registration area for customers to register their instruments and leave valuable, public feedback.

Check out the new site at

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