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New Xone mixer hits DJs at the high end

New Xone mixer hits DJs at the high end

Allen & Heath has announced the unveiling of its latest DJ mixer, the Xone:DB4, which features a Quad FX Core DSP engine alongside multi-channel USB audio with MIDI and even an OLED display, with a retail price of £2,041.64.

The Quad FX Core DSP engine enables each channel to have its own FX bank and BPM detection system, the company have confirmed. Users can comprise delays, reverbs, modulation, resonators and damage each with a patch library of different effect variations.

Built in loopers are also included in the Xone:DB4, which have selectable loop lengths. There is also a mic/aux input providing two-band eq, gain cue and mix level.

The featured OLED display can be viewed in all degrees of daylight, and displays each channel FX selection and current BPM. The display fits in the aluminium chassis, which is designed to be lightweight.
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Allen & Heath can be contacted on 01326 372070.

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