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New platform Hookd hopes to bring more YouTube revenue to the music industry

Laura  Barnes
New platform Hookd hopes to bring more YouTube revenue to the music industry

New music tech start-up Hookd has launched to help YouTube stars use more commercial music in their videos without the fear of having their ad revenue blocked.

The pay-per-licence platform may also result in bringing new revenue to the music industry, as currently, most of YouTube’s professional creators avoid using commercial music because the social network’s Content ID software blocks them from earning ad revenue from those videos.

Hookd’s proprietary software, Vouch, integrates with Content ID, reassuring YouTube that the creator has a legal licence to use the song. During the process, the lion’s share of the licence fee paid by the YouTube creator goes to the music industry.

Licence costs start at just £7, ranging up to £150, with amounts decided by the creator’s average video viewership.
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Hookd is available in beta form now, with thousands of tracks available from a variety of different labels and tens of thousands more to be added over the course of this month and the remainder of 2017. Among the first to sign up are independents Hospital Records, Sentric Music and Wipeout Music.

The platform is the brainchild of former music industry executive Paul Sampson. As CEO of the new venture, he said: “hookd is good news for the music business. The industry has been at loggerheads with YouTube over revenues for a number of years, but until now has been missing out on any revenue at all from the creator market. hookd solves that problem, with labels and publishers being remunerated for influential stars using their songs.

“The time of having to use sub-standard library music in the highest profile YouTube videos is over and labels that sign-up to hookd will benefit most from the new era. Longer term, our technology and rights have the potential to help close the value gap for the industry across all social platforms.”

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