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New online database Viberate plans to become the IMDb of the live music industry

Laura  Barnes
New online database Viberate plans to become the IMDb of the live music industry

A new platform called Viberate launched earlier this year to provide a smarter way to explore live music. The online database has now unveiled a number of new updates as it continues its mission of “mapping and listing the whole live music ecosystem”.

In the couple of months since the website’s launch, Viberate has already notched up more than 120,000 artists, 210,000 events and 70,000 venue listings.

Speaking to FACT, Viberate co-founder, techno DJ and producer Umek, said the site is aiming to become “like a kind of IMDb for music”.

In a similar way to how IMDb lists the works of actors, directors and other professions in the TV and movie industries, Viberate offers insight into musicians’ careers, with social media stats, information about upcoming shows and management information.
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“We started as a simple DJ ranking service, because we wanted to know where I rank in terms of online popularity, compared to other DJs,” Umek told FACT.

“The site took off and after a year we had 30,000 user-generated profiles in the database. We raised some money, employed a really smart team of developers and project managers and we took it to another level.

“Now we won’t stop until we create a standard, so soon you won’t get anywhere as an artist without having a profile on Viberate. It will become the musical ID for musicians, venues, agents and everyone else working in the live music industry.

Umek has also taken inspiration from another incredibly popular start-up. “Soon you’ll be able to book an artist on Viberate just like you book accommodation on Airbnb,” he said. “But there’s a twist – we’ll allow artists to charge their fees in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and finally our own crypto coin for the music industry – the Vibe.

“For all of you who are following the trends and the development of the blockchain technology, now’s your chance to have a stake in it. We will offer our Vibe in a public sale on the 5th of September.”

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