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New London festival Redrock launches for unsigned bands

Laura  Barnes
New London festival Redrock launches for unsigned bands

Redrock Festival, a new event dedicated to national and international unsigned bands, is set to debut in Camden on October.

The festival will be held at Camden’s Dublin Castle on October 2nd and will be completely free, although gig goers can donate if they wish. All donations will be shared out amongst the acts.

Redrock will kick off with acoustic acts, followed by an array of rock bands performing until midnight.

There will be 16 acts in total from the UK and overseas with the full lineup as follows:
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2:00 - Edwige
12:45 - Ben and Christina
13:30 - Drainz
14:15 - Get Loose
15:00 - Pilgrim
15:45 - Imaginary Dreamers
16:30 - BEUK
17:15 - Sofasonic Sounds
18:00 - Mother Gaia
18:45 - The Featherz
19:30 - Evyltyde
20:15 - Maxdmyz
21:00 - HammerJacK
21:45 - NitroVille
22:30 - Silent Jack
23:15 – Redwire

“Redrock aims to bring together great bands from the unsigned scene and showcase them in the heart of London,” commented D Goomani, co-founder of Redwire. “If you’re one of those people who say there isn’t any good music anymore then come along and be proven wrong.”

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