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Nashville artists select Vintage guitars

Nashville artists select Vintage guitars

Famous for being a great musical location for decades, a number of artists from Nashville have picked Vintage as their guitar brand of choice.

The Don Kelley Band (pictured), one of the longest running groups in Nashville – otherwise known as the Music City – have equipped themselves with a variety of Vintage guitar models.

The current lineup consists of bassist Dave Roe, guitarist JD Simo, drummer Artie Alinikoff and Don Kelley himself on rhythm and lead guitar. Kelley plays a Vintage V100MRPGM Lemon Drop model, while JD Simo is a fan of the VS6MRF Fool Guitar. Dave Roe’s bass of choice is the fretless VJ96MRJP.

Another Nashville artist that can be seen with a Vintage is Michael Spriggs, who spent years playing in the city as lead guitarist for Eddie Rabbitt. He played guitar on Rabbitt’s first four albums and received a Naras Super Picker Award in 1979. Spriggs now plays a distressed butterscotch Vintage Icon V52MRBS.
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Matt Lee, current lead guitarist for the Travis Mann band is also Nashville-based and has more than 20 years of guitar-playing experience. Lee now plays a Vintage Reissued V52BS in butterscotch.

John Hornby Skewes & Co is the exclusive UK distributor for Vintage guitars.

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