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NAMM Showstoppers: Engl's first ever FX products

Daniel Gumble
NAMM Showstoppers: Engl's first ever FX products

German amplifier manufacturer Engl made its first foray into the guitar effects market with the launch of a selection of pedals and effects boards at last month’s NAMM show.

The board will be made up of three different distortion pedals - Retro, Reaper and Straight To Hell - along with a delay, chorus and compressor. Retro distortion is modelled on the Engl Retro tube amp series, delivering a classic vintage sound.

Reaper features a bit more edge to the distortion, with a tone comparable to the Engl Powerball II 4 channel valve head. The Straight To Hell pedal was created in cooperation with Engl endorsee Victor Smolski, giving an aggressive heavy distortion to complete the distortion pedal range.

The delay pedal is equipped with two different delay times, offering settings of 2-320ms and 40-640ms, along with level and repeat settings. The chorus includes a detune and vibr/chor setting, along with speed and depth. Lastly, the compressor pedal, which can be used in a live or studio application, with level, tone attack and sustain settings to help even out the guitar sound.
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Engl will be launching the pedals in conjunction with two new pedal boards, one for six pedals and a smaller unit to house four pedals. Both boards feature wireless connectivity through the pedals, allowing the connection of one pedal to the power source that feeds all the other pedals.

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