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NAMM Day 1: AKG releases new version of C1000s microphone

Jory Mackay
NAMM Day 1: AKG releases new version of C1000s microphone

AKG has announced that the latest incarnation of its C1000s small diaphragm condenser mic will debut at the Winter NAMM show.

The high-performance small-diaphragm microphone is ideally suited for recording and live sound applications for drum overheads, pianos and acoustic instruments.

Rather than relying on an expensive 9V block battery, the C1000s mk IV now runs on two AA batteries at 120h and offers two gain settings, three frequency settings and two polar patters: cardioid and hypercardioid. For mobile broadcast use and interview situations, C1000s offers more versatility than ever before.

“AKG’s C1000s is an efficient workhorse in the engineer’s rig that provides high-quality sound the audio industry has expected from AKG over the past 65 years,” stated Thomas Umbauer, product manager at AKG. “We’ve put the C1000s through rigorous testing in multiple scenarios and added more clever features such as the humidity proof gold capsule housing and gold plated XLR-pins. The microphone can take a beating on tour and still consistently provide perfect sound during any event.”
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For more information please contact AKG's UK distributor, Sound Technology, on 01462 480000 or visit their website.

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