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NAMM 2017: First embedded anti-theft device for musical instruments to launch at show

Laura  Barnes
NAMM 2017: First embedded anti-theft device for musical instruments to launch at show

MI Pro has reported on a number of incidents this year about musical instrument theft.

There was the Houston musical instrument theft ring. An enthusiastic KT Tunstall fan stole her favourite tambourine. A Proms musician had her 300-year-old violin stolen on a train. And at Halloween, thousands of pounds worth of instruments were stolen at a pub in Lancaster.

But deterring thieves and tracking down your lost instruments could be about the get a whole lot easier.

Newly launched Californian company GearSecure has revealed that it will introduce patented technology designed to be the first embedded anti-theft device for musical instruments at NAMM 2017.
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The product is said to provide a bridge between RFID and GPS technology and is made of a self-contained unit that provides a twenty-year life span.

It will be able to be imbedded into instruments and will synch up to smartphones, tablets and PCs so the owner can receive an alert if the instrument breaks a pre-determined parameter.

Users will be able to track their lost or stolen instruments and can also alert authorities if necessary.

GearSecure is hoping to work with manufacturers to install the device into their instruments, which is designed to be hidden within the gear. The firm then plans to offer yearly subscriptions to users priced at $19.95, much less than a typical yearly instrument insurance rate.

As well as being used by musicians for their personal instruments, GearSource’s new technology could be used for backline and tour management inventory solutions, as well as gear rental firms.

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