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NAMM 2013: TC-Helicon announces the VoiceLive Touch 2

Jory Mackay
NAMM 2013: TC-Helicon announces the VoiceLive Touch 2

Three years after the original VoiceLive Touch was launched, TC-Helicon has released a successor to the popular vocal processor.

The VoiceLive Touch 2 provides a complete suite of production-quality vocal effects, including harmony. Its revolutionary new Touch Matrix interface with Slider FX allows precise real-time control and modulation while the VLOOP performance looper adds loop-specific effects to the mix.

The device automatically applies adaptive EQ, compression, de-essing and gating, freeing the singer up to focus on their performance by adding slaps and echoes, aggressive distortion and Hardtune in addition to sweetening effects like deep reverb, doubling and TC-Helicon vocal harmonies.

The VoiceLive Touch 2's user interface features a 2.5" LCD display that allows users to explore adding and removing effects and tonal colours. Each sound preset also has the Hit button ready to launch multiple effects with a single touch.
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VoiceLive Touch 2's six-track looper offers lots of loop time and LoopAssist for better loops and effects like a resonant filter, stutter effect and reverse to make one-person creations easy.

The device will be available late March 2013 with an RRP of $599.99.

TC Electronic has also announced that its all-new TonePrint Editor will be available 23rd March. The free software allows guitarists and bassists to craft their own version of a TonePrint effect pedal from the ground up, from sounds to the range of knobs and everything in between. The software features an intuitive slider-based UI that allows for realtime changes and easy storing of sounds.

The TonePrint editor will be available free to download here, and will be released 23rd March.

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