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NAMM 2013: Boss announces three new effect pedals

Jory Mackay
NAMM 2013: Boss announces three new effect pedals

Adding to its historic line of stompboxes, Boss has announced three new effects pedals that will be debuted at the Winter NAMM show.

The Boss TE-2, Tera Echo, is for fans of ambience and echo effects and offers a unique approach to delay with a lush new sound that reacts and changes with the way you play. The TE-2 is powered by a new technology called MDP (or Multi-Dimensional Processing), which enables it to go beyond traditional delay and reverb through the use of complex internal processing that produces an incredibly deep and spacious sound, dramatically enhancing the guitar tone without overwhelming it.

Since the TE-2 is highly in tune with your playing dynamics, you’ll get an extremely wide range of inspiring sounds - and with the expressive Freeze function, you can hold (or sustain) the current effect sound to create rich soundscapes for lead playing and sonic exploration.

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The MDP technology in the TE-2 works by analysing audio signals using a variety of factors (or dimensions) and then applying different effect levels to each stage. The end result is a bold, new sound with a previously unattainable range of expression and dynamic response.

The TE-2 is also noteworthy as it is the 100th pedal in the Boss stomp box series, which started with the original OD-1 Overdrive in 1977.


Also from Boss in the MO-2, Multi Overtone, which uses your guitar’s harmonic characteristics to create a wide range of new sounds through Roland's Multi-Dimensional Processing technology (MDP). The MDP technology in the MO-2 works by analysing audio signals using a variety of factors (or dimensions) and then applying different effect levels to each stage.

Three different modes offer diverse tone-shaping options, while the 'Detune' knob unlocks a wide range of impressive modulation effects. From shimmering multi-string resonance to flute-like transparency to powerful textures reminiscent of organs and synths, the MO-2 gives you an array of unique tones with dynamic resonance characteristics.


Lastly, the DA-2, Adaptive Distortion, is a distorition pedal that, unlike a standard distortion pedal that processes the entire signal with one effect, adapts to how and where you are playing. Utilising Roland's MDP technology, the DA-2 gives you distortion tones across the entire range of your guitar with enhanced clarity.

The DA-2 uses multiple distortion processors to seamlessly adapt the sound in real time, creating the ideal tone for every register. As a result, the DA-2 delivers a rich, musical distortion that plays well all over the neck, from tight, edgy low-string tones to fat, smooth highs for lead playing.

For more information on the new Boss pedals and all of Roland's new products visit the launch site here.

All of Roland's new products will be available to view at the Winter NAMM show at Level 3 302A main stand.




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