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NAMM 2013: Randall Amplifiers to showcase new product range

Jory Mackay
NAMM 2013: Randall Amplifiers to showcase new product range

Randall Amplifiers and its UK distributor, Sound Technology, have announced that they will release three new ranges of amplifiers at Winter NAMM.

The amps have all been designed by boutique amp guru Mike Fortin who has recently taken on the position of head of design at Randall.

The new ranges include:

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Randall Thrasher Head:


The Thrasher 120W all-tube head is voiced strictly for metal tones and when paired with the deeply tuned cabinet range delivers over the top gain with a focused attack for both rhythm and lead playing. The two-channel amp features four modes with an additional boost, a tube-driven fx loop, XLR out and is styled with a durable metal grill and corner edging.

RD Diavlo Series:


The new Diavlo Series amps range from 1-watt to 100-watt versions with the 1-watt, 5-watt and 40-watt models available as combos or separate heads and cabs (available in 1x10, 1x12, 2x12 and 4x12 speaker configurations).

The models in the range include the RD100H, 100-watt all tube amplifier with three channels/boost, RD45H-45 watt all tube amplifier with two channels/boost, RD40C 40-watt all tube 1x12 Combo amplifier with two channels/boost, RD20H 20-watt all tube amplifier with two channels/boost, RD5C/RD5H 5-watt all tube single channel head or 10” combo and the RD1C/RD1H 1-watt all tube single channel head or 8” combo.

RG Series:


The new RG Series returns to the original high performance FET circuits that Don Randall founded the Randall company on with models ranging from the RG3003H three channel 300-watt high gain head with noise gate to the RG80 two channel 80-watt 1x12 combo amp with reverb.


The RG line also includes the RG13 pedal-amplifier - a 1-watt high gain solid state floor pedal amp that can be used as a gain/distortion/tone/boost pedal in front of your amp or in to the FX return. The amp also features an XLR speaker emulated output for recording or sending the signal to the PA or Front of House.

All of the new Randall products will be on show at the Winter NAMM show on the Randall Stand #5244.

For more information contact Sound Technology on 01462 480000 or visit their website.

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