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NAMM 2013: PRS announces new amplifiers and signature models

Jory Mackay
NAMM 2013: PRS announces new amplifiers and signature models

High-end US-based guitar and amp manufacturer, Paul Reed Smith, has announced new amplifier and signature guitar models to be launched at NAMM.


Handmade in Stevensville, Maryland, the PRS two-Channel Custom 50 and 100 watt amplifiers are the newest models available through the PRS Custom Amp Design (CAD) program. Similar to PRS’s Private Stock program, Custom Amp Design explores new, enhanced, and personalized amplifier options, with the 2-Channel Custom adding several tone-shaping features to the popular 2-channel 'H' amp.

Like the 2-Channel 'H', the new 2-Channel Custom features: 6L6 tubes, global reverb, volume, treble, mid, bass and bright switch for each channel, lead master volume, clean master volume, 4, 8 and 16 ohm selection, two output jacks, fixed bias, effects loop (send and receive level controls on back panel), and footswitch (controls channel selection and reverb on/off).
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The CAD version adds a solo boost, reverb assign, presence control, switchable power amp bass boost, switchable mid shift, and three button LED footswitch and is available as a 50-watt head, 100-watt head, or a 50-watt 1x12 closed back combo.

Neal Schon of Journey has recently joined the PRS family with two distinct models: the NS-14 and NS-15.

The NS-14 is a completely new PRS design incorporating a 14” semi-hollow singlecut body with a new neck joint designed to allow greater access to the higher frets, while the NS-15 is a thinline hollowbody based on the Neal Schon limited edition Private Stock guitar offered in early 2012. A portion of Neal’s signature tone comes from his long-standing use of Floyd Rose tremolo systems and the NS-14 and NS-15 add a Floyd Rose to the PRS Core line for the first time.

Also joining the PRS family of endorsees is Nashville virtuoso Brent Mason. While Mason is predominantly known for his work as a Nashville session guitarist, his playing can also be heard on countless TV commercials, film sound tracks and television scores.

Brent worked with Paul Reed Smith for several years to arrive at this unique model which features a custom electronics configuration including specially-wound narrow 408 treble and bass pickups with a 305 pickup in the middle position. This unique combination is paired with a 5-way blade switch, providing a variety of tones. Other features include a Korina body and a 25 ¼” scale length rock maple neck.

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