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NAMM 2013: New audio interfaces from Roland

Ronnie Dungan
NAMM 2013: New audio interfaces from Roland

The Studio-Capture is a new flagship audio interface for computer-based recording.

The high-speed USB 2.0 interface includes 12 premium-grade mic preamps, and a flexible, mobile design suitable for the studio or out on the road.

The product is for producers needing a fast, high-quality audio interface with generous connectivity options. Its compact design is for location-based work or tabletop use in home studios, but it can also be installed permanently in commercial recording facilities.

Roland is claiming an industry first with the product which features 12 mic preamps (called VS Pre-amps) in one compact USB audio interface. They deliver  low-noise performance, high signal headroom, and transparent sound quality.
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Each mic channel has independent phantom power, a low-cut filter, phase invert, and the same digital compressor found in the high-end Roland V-Mixer range. All are accessible via the included software control panel and from the front panel.

It features four software-controlled Direct Mixers, letting users set up independent monitor mixes and route them to headphones, speakers, or other recording and mixing devices. A reverb/delay processor is available for monitoring, allowing performers to record dry tracks while listening to ambience effects.

With a total of 16 input channels and 10 output channels, Studio-Capture is equipped with enough I/O for large-scale recording projects and composing setups. Digital I/O is provided on coaxial connectors, while MIDI in and out ports are powered by Roland’s proprietary FPT processing for accurate high-speed performance.

The Auto-Sens feature allows for perfect input levels every time. By inputting audio signals and pressing the Auto-Sens button, it automatically sets the ideal recording level for each input in seconds, rather than setting each individual channel.

In addition, the firm is also releasing the Duo-Capture MK2 - a lightweight, compact audio interface for recording or producing music on the go, powered by a laptop using USB bus power. 

It has two audio inputs and two audio outputs, plus two headphone outputs so the musician and engineer can listen to the same session side by side. The jack input accepts a mic or any electronic musical instrument as well as guitars/basses when switched to Hi-Z mode.

For more information on all of the new Roland products visit the launch site here.

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