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NAMM 2013: Natal launching Spirit Series kit

Ronnie Dungan
NAMM 2013: Natal launching Spirit Series kit

Launching at NAMM, Natal's new Spirit Series is mid-priced and will compliment the Natal Originals.

The range will be available in three kit configurations: Fusion, US Fusion and Fusion X, with a wide range of individual drums available too.

There are two levels to Spirit Series: Custom Birch and Kauri. Custom Birch will be in three stain finishes -  Ochre, Cerulean Blue and Black Cherry. The Spirit Kauri will be in three  wraps -  Ltd Edition Scarlet Sparkle and classic Black and White.

The design includes the NRM2 (Natal Resonance Mount 2) which completely isolates toms using a high grade rubber insulator. Its two point fixing system reduces resistance and increases resonance.
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Spirit lugs are the same shape as Natal Original lugs, bearing the ‘Sun’ logo, but are a lower mass version of the Originals. 

The low profile bass drum tom mount is practically flush with the bass drum and the internal nylon mechanism locks the 1” tom mount post securely in position, improving hold and performance.

The DTM (Double Tom Mount), part of the Natal Pro Series hardware range, has been adapted to serve as the Spirit tom mount. It is heavy duty and uses Natal non-slip aluminium ball technology. 

Spirit hardware will be available in a pack that consists of: hi hat stand, snare stand, bass drum pedal and one two stage boom stand. The boom stand will also be available on its own. 

The kit will be at NAMM, Hall C booth 4840.

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