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NAMM 2013: Focusrite releases a host of new products

Jory Mackay
The Focusrite Scarlett Studio

With Winter NAMM now less than two weeks away, Focusrite has announced a slew of new products.

Scarlett Studio (RRP £199.99)

First off, the firm has launched its first complete home studio kit, the Scarlett Studio.

The kit comes with everything you need to record professional-quality tracks on your home computer including the Focusrite 2i2 USB 2.0 audio interface, CM25 large-diaphragm condesner microphone, an XLR cable and a pair of HP60 monitoring headphones, all in a matching red finish.
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The package is also bundled with Steinberg's Cubase LE 6 music production software, which allows you to record up to 16 tracks of audio and 24 tracks of MIDI, and run VST audio instruments and effects such as a compressor, reverb, gate and EQ processors (included). Novation's Bass Station soft synth is also included along with 1GB of royalty-free samples from Loopmasters.

The kit will be available this month and you can see it in action here.

Scarlett 18i20 (£399.99)

The Scarlett 18i20 is designed to be your complete studio hub and features enough inputs and outputs to record and mix a full band setup.

The interface features 18 inputs and 20 outputs in total, with eight of Focusrite's acclaimed microphone preamps all with switchable phantom power and 24-bit/96kHz A-D/D-A converters. The analog mic/line inputs are fitted with combination XLR/jack input sockets and connections for channels 1 and 2 are on the front panel and offer additional hi-Z instrument modes and a switchable 10dB pad. An additional eight channels of digital I/O (four channels at 88.2/96kHz) are provided via ADAT lightpipe, with S/PDIF providing an additional stereo digital input and output.

Two independent headphone outputs let you set up separate mixes for the engineer and the artist, while a dedicated monitor section, with dim and mute buttons, provides comprehensive control over your studio speakers.

The Scarlett 18i20 ships with Ableton Live Lite software, Focusrite's Scarlett plug-in bundle, Novation's Bass Station soft synth and 1GB of royalty-free Loopmasters samples.

The Scarlett 18i20 will be available in March 2013.

Red 1 500 Series Mic Pre (£799.99)

Focusrite has announced the return of its Red Series mic preamps with the introduction of the Red 1 500 Series Mic Pre, a made-in England modular for the 'Lunchbox' format.

The Red 1 features a Lundahl LL1538 input transformer, and a custom Carnhill output transformer, just as in the original 1992 design. It also has switchable phantom power, polarity invert, an easy-to-read VU meter and a stepped gain structure (with a Grayhill gold-plated military-grade switch) in 6dB steps from -6 to +60dB.

The Red 1 will be available worldwide in April.



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