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NAMM 2012: Peavey introduces Auto-Tune guitar

NAMM 2012: Peavey introduces Auto-Tune guitar

Peavey has joined forces with Antares Audio Technologies – creator of Auto-Tune pitch-correction technology – to launch the new AT-200 guitar.

The instrument has the ability to electronically self tune and intonates continuously during play. Antares Auto-Tune for guitar is a DSP technology that creates perfect pitch without the need for bulky hardware.This new feature means guitarists won't need to retune during performances and intonation issues during recording issues can be prevented. The AT-200's software upgrade capability allows for any new features or updates from Antares to be easily loaded onto the guitar and controlled via any MIDI source.
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“Peavey has always been a different kind of company, one that is driven by the desire to innovate and advance the possibilities in music and audio, while serving players and professionals with attainable, quality products,” said founder and CEO Hartley Peavey.“Partnering with Antares to bring their revolutionary Auto-Tune technology to guitars is the gateway to the next generation of music creation. As always, we’re proud to be leading the way.”  The technology constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and electronically makes any necessary alterations. It even knows when the player intends to manipulate the pitch, so bends and vibratos don't sound unusual.The AT-200 will be available to Peavey dealers in July 2012.

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