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NAMM 2012: Nord Piano 2 and C2D Combo announced

NAMM 2012: Nord Piano 2 and C2D Combo announced

Nord has introduced two major additions to its keyed product lineup.

The Nord Piano 2 HA88 (pictured) lets the user play, split and layer Grand, Upright and Electric Piano sounds from the Nord Piano Library with sounds from the Nord Sample Library. It all comes in a streamlined portable package with 88 Hammer Action Weighted keys.The Nord Piano 2 comes with a wide range of instrument sounds from the Nord Piano Library, all with their own unique character. The Nord Triple Pedal is a dynamic sustain pedal that can recreate the mechanical 'stomp' and sizzle' noises that occur when lifting or releasing the dampener in an Acoustic Grand or Upright Piano. The Advanced String Resonance feature simulates what occurs when piano strings cause other un-dampened strings to resonate.
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All of the sounds in the Nord Piano 2 HA88 are replaceable and it’s even possible to create sample instruments using the Nord Sample Editor.The Nord C2D is a portable organ for musicians that play with drawbars as well as the keys. The new left-hand preset sections offer plenty of hands-on control and the upper manual and panel has been tilted for better ergonomics. An LCD-display has also been added for easier access to programs and settings.The Nord C2D offers a redesigned simulation of the characteristic mechanical key clicks that are an essential component of the classic tone-wheel experience. Furthermore, the redesigned percussion model offers increased control over the percussion levels when playing near-legato.The organ includes a redesigned rotary speaker simulation of a vintage 122 unit, as well as Vox and Farfisa transistor organ simulations and the sampled Baroque Pipe Organ from the C2 Combo Organ.The Nord Piano will be available later this month and the C2D will be coming to the UK in February. Prices for both are yet to be announced.Sound Technology is the UK distributor for Nord.

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