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NAMM 2011: Yamaha introduces an array of new drum sets

NAMM 2011: Yamaha introduces an array of new drum sets

Yamaha has introduced its new Club Custom drum kit. This professional-grade set uses 100 per cent premium quality Kapur shells and an attractive ‘swirl’ painted finish.

This new set was designed with the help of legendary drummer and Yamaha artist Steve Jordan and it delivers a unique sound and a real practical sonic advantage, allowing the Kapur shells to vibrate more effectively.

The Kapur material is exclusive to Yamaha and has only been previously used with the flagship PHX Phoenix kits and it has the ability to provide all the necessary hardness when played forcefully, while also offering superb resonance.

A wider tuning range also comes as a result of using Kapur, giving extra character to all drumming situations.
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“The approach to this new range is all about combining classic and modern qualities together,” explained Gavin Thomas product manager for Yamaha Drums. “Underneath it’s retro appearance lies a completely new and exciting concept that has a sound and feel all of it’s own that will connect with many drummers in the UK”.

The manufacturer is also launching some new configurations of electronic drum sets mounted on acoustic drum hardware.

Since being launched in January 2010, the DTX-Pad has received positive reviews from artists, consumers and the Press and was listed in the top 50 designs at the Good Design Awards in Japan. The DTX-Pad utilises a unique ‘Textured Cellular Silicone Head’ with air bubbles in each pad, providing an unprecedented level of dynamic control and playability.

Nine new configurations have been made available – Powerful, Traditional, Studio, Heavy, Technical, Essential, Travel and Extension – with the lightweight and portable DTX Multi 12 Travel Set at the lower end of the range, retailing at £1,021. The £6540 double bass drum DTX900 Heavy Set sits at the top end of the series.

These kits combine advanced sound technology and a huge range of effects taken from Yamaha’s top end Motif synthesizer, with a wide variety of samples from many of the company’s acoustic drum models also on board.

“These sets will undoubtedly make electronic drums more accessible for drummers,” explained Gavin Thomas, product manager for Yamaha Drums. “It really shows the innovation of Yamaha Drums over the years, from the feel of the DTX-Pad’s, the power of the DTX Modules and the versatility of the hardware. Each and every area has been developed and designed to make drumming feel better, be more creative and be more enjoyable.”

Another new Yamaha release in the drum sector is the Stage Custom Birch Bebop drum set (pictured).

With its 100 per cent all birch shell, this kit produces a clean and defined sound and it’s designed for drummers who need a compact kit for small stages and also for children and classrooms.

Rugged hardware, shells delivering a cutting low-end sound and a flawless lacquer finish delivering great sustain are just some of the top-end features these kits provide. The Stage Custom Bebop is also equipped with shallower toms and coated heads.

“This drum kit is ideal for many different drummers and many different applications” added Gavin Thomas. “Either as a main or as a secondary kit, for the classroom, stage or studio, the quality of the Stage Custom Birch sets itself apart from all other mid-priced drum kits and this addition will be very popular.”

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