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NAMM 2011: Yamaha extends guitar offering

NAMM 2011: Yamaha extends guitar offering

Yamaha launched several new updates to its guitar lineup at NAMM last week.

The first new introductions were the APX1000 and CPX1000 models, which feature the impressive SRT pickup system that was until now only available on the handcrafted L-Series. The APX and CPX range have also been given complete revamps and a number of new colour options.

The brand new A-Series was also unveiled at the show. Yamaha’s 50 years of experience in manufacturing and producing guitars have been put to good use here, resulting in high-level playability and the use of up-to-date technology. This range has a total of eight models to choose from.

Other new releases from Yamaha in the guitar category include the new Silent Guitar Series, classical CG182SF, BB424 and BB425X basses, Pacifica 120, the new Attitude 3 bass, limited edition SG1820 (pictured) and the RGX420DZ11.
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These new lines are set to hit the UK and Ireland later this year.

MI Pro’s NAMM news comes from the Retail Up booth at the NAMM Show, Hall C stand 4811.

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