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NAMM 2011: Visitors impressed with Fret-King Super-matic

NAMM 2011: Visitors impressed with Fret-King Super-matic

John Hornby Skewes & Co is showcasing the Fret-King Super-matic self-tuning guitar at the NAMM Show this week, the first ever guitar to be equipped with the innovative ATD HT440 self-tuning hard tail bridge (pictured).

This instrument features a Hum-Single-Hum pickup configuration, made up of Wilkinson WHHBZ33 offset pole piece Zebra humbuckers, along with a WHSM vintage voiced single coil middle pickup.

The Wilkinson ATD self-tuning bridge has been in development by Trev Wilkinson and his team for many years. This super low profile electro-mechanical device utilises hi-tech micro gearboxes, designed to be used in a standard Strat vibrato bridge rout (or similar model). It includes a micro hex pickup and an intuitive one-touch button for controlling all the functions and features.

The ATD bridge allows the player to automatically tune to standard E tuning with one touch of the function button. Another press of the button and then a strum of the guitar then allows the guitarist to switch to other tunings – such as open G, DADGAD and open D – in just a few seconds.
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JHS' managing director Dennis Drumm was particularly thrilled with the reception the guitar was receiving at NAMM: "The retailers here seem particularly keen to get on board with this. Interest has been quite exceptional," he said.

The Garforth-based distributor has also officially unveiled the V100AFD Paradise, the latest addition to the popular Vintage V100 range.

This model offers a solid mahogany single cutaway body and genuine carved maple cap and flame veneer top. It also features a mahogany set neck and rosewood fingerboard and a pair of WVHZ Wilkinson Zebra humbuckers, which produce chunky, rocking tones.

MI Pro’s NAMM news comes from the Retail Up booth at the NAMM Show, Hall C stand 4811.

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