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NAMM 2011: Regal Tip launches new Metal Ex Drumstick range

NAMM 2011: Regal Tip launches new Metal Ex Drumstick range

Regal Tip, the company behind several drumstick innovations, is showcasing a new range of products ready for release this year.

The Metal Ex range use patented e-tip technology and increased durability to create a drumstick that helps the consumer achieve more beats per minute than previous models.

The series comes in three different sizes: the Speed Ex stick at .525” x 16.00”, the .580” x 16.00” Grind Ex and the Death Ex stick, with dimensions of .600” x 16.00”.

Other new sticks include the Blackjack, a stick made with thin bristles and an adjustable tension ring, as well as a heavy rubber handle to aid sleek stick-to-brush transitions.
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Visitors can also expect to see the Blast Mallet Ex. A stick based around the Regal Tip Grind drumstick – the number one selling extreme metal stick in the world – the Blast Mallet Ex utilises E-Tip technology and a classic black mallet head.

2011 will also see the release of another first from Regal Tip in the form of the Cajon brush stick. With its comfort grip handle and low profile bristles, it is designed specially for Cajon playing.

Regal Tip drumsticks are distributed in the UK by John Hornby Skewes & Co.

MI Pro’s NAMM news comes from the Retail Up booth at the NAMM Show, Hall C stand 4811.

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