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NAMM 2011: Marshall unveils Yngwie Malmsteen Amplifier

NAMM 2011: Marshall unveils Yngwie Malmsteen Amplifier

Developed in close conjunction with the popular Swedish guitarist, the YMJ100 is a 100-watt valve head that offers consumers a combination of vintage looks alongside more modern features.

Based on the tone of the 'Holy Grail' 1959 Plexi head, the many features of the YMJ100 include a footswitchable noise gate, series FX Loop and studio quality Digital Reverb with rear panel level control.

A half power switch shifts the output power from 100W to 50W when engaged, as well as a built-in variable Attenuator control, which can take the output stage from anywhere between 100 per cent to 0.01 per cent.

If one of the output valves encounters a fault, the valve failure circuitry feature will indicate so on the visual indicator on the rear of the amplifier.
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"I can't say enough about my love for the sound, feel and look of the wall of Marshalls," said Yngwie Malmsteen. "Since I was ten years old I've insisted on having them behind me at all times.

"I must have had every amp company in the world ask me to endorse them over the years. To finally have my own signature Marshall is an honour and this amp is truly a masterpiece."


MI Pro’s NAMM news comes from the Retail Up booth at the NAMM Show, Hall C stand 4811.

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