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NAMM 2011: Marshall reveals Slash Signature amplifier

NAMM 2011: Marshall reveals Slash Signature amplifier

Limited to 2,300 units worldwide, Marshall has unveiled the AFD100 Slash Signature amplifier, a dual mode, all valve 100-Watt head.

Marshall claims it 'captures the tone and spirit of one of rock's most celebrated and sought-after sounds – Slash's guitar tone', particularly noted on the Guns N Roses album Appetite for Destruction.

The AFD100 includes two foot switchable modes entitled #34 and AFD. The #34 is based around the modified JCM800 2203 that Slash has used since the late '80s and is named #34 as Slash had the number stencilled onto the side of it. AFD obviously refers to the initials of the album.

The model also has both high and low sensitivity outputs, built-in electronic powered attenuation which allows consumers to alter the amp's output from anywhere between 0.01 per cent and 100 per cent.
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The auto bias and bias current trimmer will make sure the power valve biaising is correct and ensure optimal valve life and functionality.

"This is an idea I've had for quite some time. So many fans have been trying to duplicate that sound, I thought 'who better to really perfect it other than Marshall?'," said Slash.

"We spent a lot of time together developing this amp. We used 'Night Train' as one of the main reference tracks and the amp sounds just like it. I think we've been totally successful."

MI Pro's NAMM news comes from the Retail Up booth at the NAMM Show, Hall C stand 4811.


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