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NAMM 2011: Jess Oliver receives Ampeg honour

NAMM 2011: Jess Oliver receives Ampeg honour

Jess Oliver, the former vice president and general manager of Ampeg and the man behind the most recorded bass amp in history – the B-15 – has been presented with the Godfather of Bass Amplification Award at Ampeg’s NAMM press conference.

Originally released in 1960, The B-15 remains one of the most sought-after bass amps in the world and 50 years later, its ‘flip-top’ design is still regarded as revolutionary. This set-up meant that the amp chassis could be inverted and tucked inside the speaker enclosure, to make transportation easier.

Oliver, a dedicated bassist, is still involved with innovations regarding the B-15, helping to design the new Heritage B-15 amp featuring circuit paths from both the 1964 B-15NC and 1966 B-15NF, as well as a bias switch that recreates each year’s bias methodology.

Jess will be signing autographs with Gregg Hopkins, co-author of Ampeg: The Story behind the Sound today at 4:00pm (L.A. time) in Ampeg’s demo room 209A/B.
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