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NAMM 2011: Five new string sets unveiled by D'Addario

NAMM 2011: Five new string sets unveiled by D'Addario

D'Addario has launched new sets of strings at the NAMM event (Booth 4834), each designed to appeal to differing, growing needs in the guitar market.

Constructed from a unique copper steel alloy, the EXP Reds is a re-issuing of a D'Addario original. The coating produces a long lasting, piano-esque tone and the strings are able to vibrate freely and sound natural, thanks to the micro fine EXP coating of the outer wrap. They will be available in the most popular four string bass gauge sizes.

The new EJ25C and EJ25C Flamenco sets are specifically developed with a flexible feel that the firm claims 'maintains a quick attack response, an essential feature for all flamenco players'. There will be a choice of clear and black nylon varieties.

The EJ24 True Medium acoustic guitar set differs from the traditional EJ17 medium sets in that they feature a smaller diameter in the third, fourth and fifth strings. Gauges optimal for DADGAD tuning are also part of this new launch.
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Another set in D'Addario's new line is the EXL111 Balanced Tension Set, one developed for the electric guitar, available in .10 - .046 guages.

In addition to the new line-up, D'Addario has announced a range of line extensions including the EJ26 Phosphor Bronze Round Wound acoustic guitar strings, a Pure Nickel Round Wound set, as well as the EPN22 Pure Nickel Set.

"Each of the new sets deliver the quality, consistency and durability that D'Addario has offered for generations," said manager of product development Brian Vance.


MI Pro’s NAMM news comes from the Retail Up booth at the NAMM Show, Hall C stand 4811.

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