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MUSIKMESSE 2012: Yamaha showcases EZ-220 keyboard and new Apps

MUSIKMESSE 2012: Yamaha showcases EZ-220 keyboard and new Apps

Yamaha has revealed the EZ-220 keyboard, along with the E3 Controller and Piano Diary Apps.

The affordable EZ-220 (pictured) is designed around Yamaha's Lighted Keyboard, which guides players to the correct notes and offers wireless connectivity to Yamaha's free Page Turner app for iPad. These learning features combine with an onboard library of 100 preset songs and a digital score function, which lets learners practice music of all styles. The lighted keys – working alongside the Page Turner app – ensure that the user can concentrate on the music and corresponding illuminated notes to maximise the depth of the learning experience. 
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The EZ-200 also features a wide range of detailed dynamic sounds, ranging from traditional acoustic instruments to synth, ambient and percussive voices. Players can use the 100 professionally arranged styles as their own onboard backing band, encouraging practice while accelerating the learning process. With a built-in USB TO HOST port, the EZ-220 can be connected to a computer easily as well.The E3 Controller is a new App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that allows complete Wi-Fi remote control of the company's E3 series Disklavier range of instruments. At the touch of a button, users can control various Disklavier performance functions, including the selection of songs, as well as the playback and record functions. Additionally, features such as volume, balance and transpose can be controlled in real time. It also allows control over playback of DisklavierRadio, a service that allows Disklavier owners to listen to hundreds of fully orchestrated arrangements and songs that are transmitted over the Internet and performed 'live' on the instrument.The company has also launched Piano Diary, an App that lets users record, archive and share piano practices and performances. Piano Diary has been developed as a tool to motivate pianists of all abilities and improve their practice schedules and performances. Compatible with any MIDI instrument, the App is designed to help them manage, archive and share their playing. Performances can be recorded, practice times monitored and it also features a slideshow function, which allows users to add photos to their music. All performances are stored by date and time, making it ideal for tracking progress by comparing previous practice sessions with later attempts. Piano Diary keeps track of important statistics, including the duration of playing and number of notes played. Both Apps are free and available to download now from the iTunes App Store.

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