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MUSIKMESSE 2012: Korg extends microKEY range

MUSIKMESSE 2012: Korg extends microKEY range

Korg has expanded the microKey family and introduced new Kronos sound libraries, while Vox has launched the Lil' Looper and JamVOX III this week.

The Korg microKEY – previously only available with 37 keys – is now available in 25 (pictured) and 61-key models.

The thin, light and compact USB MIDI keyboard is ideal for musicians who want to assemble a convenient and compact music production system. All models feature the acclaimed velocity-sensitive Natural Touch mini-keyboard found on the microKORG XL and microARRANGER.

Versatile controls on the 25-key model include arpeggiator buttons, sustain/tap button and joystick, while Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels on the 37 and 61-key models add expression to the player's performance. The 61-key model also comes complete with a license for the entire Korg Legacy Collection, giving access to soft synth versions of popular Korg synths and Music Workstations.

The EXs11 Legendary Strings Sound Library contains approximately 2.5 GB of PCM samples and 128 Programs and it delivers a wide vocabulary of string sounds. Users can choose from solo performances created on coveted instruments such as a Stradivarius, to the sound of a full orchestra. In addition to samples of individual performance techniques such as trill, vibrato, and pizzicato, the collection also includes ensembles of different player numbers, providing everything needed for meticulous production work.

Equipped with around 1GB of PCM samples, 48 Programs and 12 Drumkits, the EXs13 Jazz Drums Expansion Kit focuses on unique drum and percussion sounds created using mallets, brushes, and multi-rods (bundles of thin bamboo sticks).

The Vox Lil' Looper combines two independent loops with a dozen onboard effects and shares a number of features with the Vox Dynamic Looper.

The easy-to-use design, solid footswitches, versatile effects and layering loops are ideal for looped performances. It is also compact, lightweight, and battery operated and it comes with a balanced mic input allows as well.

The JamVOX III software package brings together the best of Vox's amp and effect modelling, along with advanced Guitar XTraktion technology (GXT III) and plug-in compatibility.

Offering dramatically evolved features compared to the original KamVOX, plus a more sophisticated GXT function, JamVOX III provides significantly more precision and operability and There's also an easier-to-use interface and a movie recording function.
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