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Musicians unite to create album to help raise funds for Bailey Guitars

Laura  Barnes
Musicians unite to create album to help raise funds for Bailey Guitars

An array are musicians and bands from Scotland, England, France and Canada have contributed to an album that will help raise funds for Bailey Guitars as the firm campaigns to take ownership of the building that houses its workshop.

These workshops, located on the west coast of Scotland near Ayr, have attracted students from across the world, including places as far away as Tasmania and Brazil. Bailey Guitars are running a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to support the campaign to keep their existing workshop space.

The appeal inspired musician and Bailey’s aficionado Sam Winston to create a special compilation album, and he secretly contacted a number of fellow Bailey Guitar enthusiasts and others, via social media and other means, to donate a track to the album.

Those who agreed to take part include such acclaimed artists as Little Eye and Preston Reed. In total, 28 artists have contributed to the album.
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The album, priced at £5.50, is now available for download, exclusively via Bandcamp –

Winston said: “Bailey Guitars not only specialise in handmade instruments - including electric guitars, basses, acoustics, ukuleles, archtops, and even the odd Bouzouki - but are also a green, environmentally-friendly company. They use wind and solar energy to create their instruments. In my eyes, and in the eyes of their many players and admirers, they are truly special.

“The tracks on this album are not only ones by Bailey Guitar players - though there are many, many of them here - but all kinds of generous musicians who have donated special tracks for this one cause, to help Bailey Guitars and their appeal to save their workshop space.”

All proceeds from the album will go directly to the Bailey Guitars appeal. Taking ownership of the property that houses their workshops will allow Bailey Guitars to establish a permanent base for the manufacture of their signature instruments; and to run their popular guitar-making workshops, in which over 400 students have already participated.

Mark Bailey, founder and owner of Bailey Guitars, added: “We have been incredibly touched by Sam’s generosity in giving up his time and energy to support our appeal, and we cannot offer enough thanks to the remarkable musicians who have also contributed their work to help us. Every penny raised by this appeal is being ploughed into sustaining our business, and if we are fortunate enough to exceed our target we will continue to invest in our facilities to the benefit of our students and customers around the world.

“I think that for a really quite small contribution, those who download the album will receive some really great music and do some good at the same time.”

You can support Bailey Guitars’ Indiegogo campaign at

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