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Musicians to record Jimi Hendrix 75th birthday album to celebrate the iconic guitarist and highlight 'ultra-hi-res' music

Laura  Barnes
Musicians to record Jimi Hendrix 75th birthday album to celebrate the iconic guitarist and highlight 'ultra-hi-res' music

InterDA Music and Music Heritage Lab have announced their plans for an ultra-high-resolution album to celebrate Jimi Hendrix’s 75th birthday anniversary on 27th of November 2017.

The album will feature twenty Hendrix tracks performed 'live in the studio' by the cream of world level guitar players. The album will also bring attention to high-resolution music and will demonstrate what is technically possible today in realm of recorded music.

“By producing Jimi Hendrix’s tribute using our ‘Advanced Acoustic Dynamics’ audiophile method in DSD256 format, we will be able to attain the most natural recording quality of performances by the phenomenal power trios we’ve invited to rock,” said InterDA Music.

This long-term charitable project contains several parts:
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– Recording Jimi Hendrix’s compositions performed ‘live in the studio’ – a couple of tracks by each guitarist with a killer rhythm section in studios like Air, R.A.K., Abbey Road and Electric Lady.

– Recording each tribute concert – a fundraising event in memory of Jimi Hendrix hosted by Music Heritage Lab in London.

– Locating and converting old analogue Jimi Hendrix master tapes to DSD256 - a superior digital archive format.

– Making a documentary about Jimi Hendrix’s tribute album recording process, the concerts, studio events and interviews with musicians and people who knew and worked with Jimi Hendrix.

“Due to the prominence and the number of musicians involved in the project we’ll reach a large group of music lovers – individual fans of each musician and countless Jimi Hendrix devotees too. His monumental profile and the expected quality of performances by the distinguished participants will greatly assist promotion of hi-res music and DSD format too and help achieve the desired breakthrough with public and musicians – a high-resolution music's wider acceptance,” explained InterDA Music.

“After careful selection of stellar musicians for dream rhythm sections and a posse of the most accomplished guitar players of today, we are certain that this album will be a major success.”

The final Jimi Hendrix jubilee concert will take place in London on or between 24th-27th November 2017.

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