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Musicians create new instruments out of tattoos, a chessboard and clothes

Laura  Barnes
Musicians create new instruments out of tattoos, a chessboard and clothes

A group of musicians took over Red Bull Studios to perform at Buzz Jam showcasing their unique musical instruments.

The event was presented by Young Guns Network, in partnership with Sony Music, and challenged musicians to create new instruments in three days and debut them at the performance at Red Bull’s studio in London.

The hackathon saw some incredibly creative ideas including mixing technology and temporary tattoos to create tunes, attaching wires to clothing and even making tunes out of a game of chess.

Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett of electro group Nimmo worked with coder Adam John Willians to create electronic tattoos, which were covered in conductive paint.
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With a tattoo spelling out the band’s name, each letter was connected to a board glued to the musician’s arm. This was hooked up to a laptop running Ableton.

When the letters were touched, they triggered a new part of the track. Another tattoo could set off vocal effects when the arm muscles were flexed.

Another artist, Tom Walker, worked with coder Brandon Hawkes to created a similar device but worn on a shirt instead of straight on the skin.

Rapper and Producer Tiggs Da Author performed with a leather sleeve housing a computer that enabled him to set off samples during his performance.

There was a wooden-housed piece of kit from Lake Komo, which could alter vocals by turning dials.

Possibly the most unusual of the bunch was the ‘connected chessboard’.

Unsigned artist Solaris performed with the board, which could be used like a keyboard by placing chess pieces on it.

Main image via Victoria Turk/Motherboard. Hit the link to check out more pics from the event.

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