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Music Venue Trust teams up with TicketWeb to launch Grassroots Venues Tickets

Laura  Barnes
Music Venue Trust teams up with TicketWeb to launch Grassroots Venues Tickets

Music Venue Trust (MVT) and Live Nation’s TicketWeb have launches a new website dedicated to selling tickets for grassroots music venues across the UK.

Grassroots Venues Tickets has been specifically built to help promote and support grassroots venues across the UK, as well as the work MVT is doing to protect and improve the scene, with each ticket bought containing a direct donation to the venue.

“We wanted to bring a ticket product and service into the market that was all about supporting the Grassroots Music Venues sector,” said MVT’s CEO Mark Davyd.

“There’s been a lot of talk about ethical ticketing and the music industry’s concerns about these venues. We wanted to work with a partner to develop a grassroots ticket that genuinely enables fans to know that what they are buying is directly supporting the venues they love that really need help. We’re delighted to be working with TicketWeb to deliver just that product, and to be able to do it at no extra cost to the customer.
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“Alongside a great deal for fans and a major step forward in funding for venues, we also wanted Grassroots Venues Tickets to do something for writers and publishers,” explained Davyd. “In our exclusive ticket offer to venues, MVT is going to be able to track, monitor and pay collection agencies such as PRS for Music on behalf of grassroots music venues, while filing great information that ensures grassroots writers and artists are getting paid when their work is performed.

“It removes a significant burden of work and responsibility from venues and is a real win for writers and artists at this level.”

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