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Music Shipping adds Cympad

Ronnie Dungan
Music Shipping adds Cympad

Music Shipping has added Cympad percussion accessories to its range.

Cympads are replacements for traditional cymbals felts, made from premium grade high-tech cellular foam. Cympad claims the product optimises cymbal sound, isolates cymbal vibration from the cymbal stand, reduces both volume and unwanted overtones, moderates sustain and increases articulation. Suitable for all playing styles and cymbal makes, Cympads come in a wide range of sizes which conform to cymbal shapes. The makers say that in addition to their tonal advantages they also extend cymbal life and prevent breakage, increase comfort, reduce hand fatigue and outlast standard felt washers.
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There are two new versions, which were launched at NAMM - the Chromatics which are Orange or Blue versions of the popular 40mm x15mm Optimisers. Also announced was the signing of Steve Smith as an endorser.Cympad Moderator packs start from £4.95 and Optimiser packs start from £8.79 SRP inc vat.

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