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MTR brings back Galaxy PA products

Ronnie Dungan
MTR brings back Galaxy PA products

MTR has brought back the Galaxy range of monitors and PA systems to the UK.

Galaxy was the American pioneer of the personal monitor/small PA system over 30 years ago and saw success with its Hot Spot line.

Now, MTR has taken on the brand and made it available to the UK market with some new products.

The PA6S has been redesigned from the ground up, the new cabinet keeps the  shape of the original Hot Spot, and uses two specially designed speakers - a new 155 watt NEOLITE 6.5" Woofer and a 1.5" 60 watt Tweeter. The design includes the convenient mic stand insert on the bottom of the unit for quick setup on top of a mic stand, with the PA6S angled upward for accurate, feedback-free vocal monitoring.  The included mic stand adaptor ensures a stable and secure placement on any mic stand.
New features such as the XLR pass-through on each channel (a built-in splitter) allows independent control of mics without affecting the signal sent to the house PA. A 20dB Pad switch on each XLR input prevents overloads.  An additional 1/8” Line input on Channel 2 accepts stereo or mono signals from sources such as digital medial players as well as line level instruments.  An 18dB compressor keeps everything under control.
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