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More new features added to Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer

More new features added to Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer

A number of new features have been added to benefit the ever-expanding Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer third party app developer community, thanks to an updated SDK (software development kit).

The MIDI Mobilizer is the only MIDI device that can turn an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a complete music production tool. Its capabilities are constantly expanding, due to the continuation of third party software applications being introduced to the App Store.

The SDK supports MIDI System Real Time messages such as MIDI Clock, which allows an app to sync to an external hardware drum machine or a sequencer running on a computer or, alternatively, the drumbox or sequencer can sync to the app.

“The SDK and firmware updates have inspired more than 90 software developers worldwide whose inventive apps are really demonstrating the full potential of MIDI Mobilizer,” remarked Chris Grigg, mobile products manager at Line 6.  “Musicians of all kinds are now taking advantage of its enormous creative and practical uses.”
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The various apps available include MIDI control surfaces, synths, sequencers and complete music production programmes, as well as DMX lighting control software and more.

There have also been a number of recent additions, such as NLog Synth Pro with its 126 synth sounds, Step Poly Arp, a step MIDI arpeggiator, Nano Studio which is a virtual recording studio and many more. All of these apps are available today on the App Store with more arriving continuously.

The MIDI Mobilizer has a retail price of £55. For more details and a complete list of specs, click here.

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