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MIA condemns Government foot-dragging

MIA condemns Government foot-dragging

The Music Industries Association has commented on the existing Government Licensing Act, stating that it believes live music is being damaged unless there are charges made to the existing guidelines.

Eight consultations have been held on the subject, as well as two Government research projects and a Parliamentary Select Committee and the MIA feels that today’s Licensing Act is continuing to hurt small-scale music across the country.

New data has now been released showing that there is a real commitment for change within the music industry, with nearly 75 percent of stakeholders, including Councils, licensees and venue owners in favour of a change in the law, which would allow a licensing exemption for small venues.

Many of these venues both want and need to provide live music to generate revenue and to provide diversity in entertainment for their customers.
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‘We are increasingly frustrated by the failure by Government to act on this matter. With growing evidence of the damage being done to venues up and down the country, we think it is about time these amendments were made into law,” said Paul McManus, chief executive of the MIA, who have long championed this particular cause.

“Live music is the lifeblood of the music industry, and small venues are often the first chance a young or new musician gets to perform and we must do all we can to ensure government legislation does not frustrate this.”

For more information on this, visit the MIA’s website here or contact Paul via this email address.

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