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Meinl introduces the Travel Didgeridoo

Jory Mackay
Meinl introduces the Travel Didgeridoo

Invented by Mark Allen Johnson, Meinl's new travel-sized didgeridoo brings the big sound of a traditional didgeridoo to a compact, easily-transportable size.

Didgeridoo's have been growing in popularity over the past few years and in addition to its traditional offering, Meinl percussion has now introduced a new and innovative didgeridoo design.

The new travel didgeridoo uses an internal zig-zag design that enables it to reproduce big, traditional didgeridoo sounds. Its compact size makes it the perfect didgeridoo to take on the road or use in the studio when space is an issue.

The instrument measures just 21 x 13cm and is made from mahogany wood.
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For more information, and to see a video of the Travel Didgeridoo in action, check out the Meinl Percussion site.

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