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Marshall rings the changes with surprise smartphone launch

Daniel Gumble
Marshall rings the changes with surprise smartphone launch

UK amp giant, Marshall, caught the attention of both the music and the tech industry this afternoon (Thursday, July 16th) with the surprise launch of a new smartphone.

Dubbed the Marshall London, the smartphone is primarily aimed at music fans, it features two front-facing speakers, two audio outputs so that users can cue and mix music in headphones while playing the track through a speaker, dual headphone inputs for two pairs of headphones, a dedicated ‘M” button providing instant access to music and a gold-accented scroll wheel.

So what of the rest of the device? Well, it’s an Android (Lollipop) that measures 4.7” (720p/IPS) with 16GB of internal storage (expandable via SD card), runs on a Snapdragon 410 chip (1.4GHz, quad-core) and includes eight and two megapixel cameras and a Wolfson DSP.

Bespoke DJ and recording apps are also included; along with a feature that brings together all of the user’s music sources can be controlled from one central location.  
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Whether or not the Marshall London will herald a new tech-driven era for the brand is hard to tell, but it’ll certainly be interesting to see what the uptake for the product is, especially given the already highly competitive nature of the mobile market.

The device is available from August 21st 2015 at a RRP of £399.

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