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Marketing specialist marks 20 years

Ronnie Dungan
Marketing specialist marks 20 years

Marketing and consultancy specialist the Trust Network is celebrating 20 years in the business this year.

The firm specialises in bringing together brands and re-sellers and has worked with some of the market's biggest names over its 20-year history, including Aria, Marshall, Audio-Technica, Stentor, Carlsbro, Gretsch, Hughes and Kettner and Bigsby.

Recently it helped Austrian-based Lewitt microphones bring its products to the UK and Republic of Ireland through Sutherland and Sonic8. 

“In perhaps the worst trading times in living memory, bringing an unheard of brand into one of the most brand-centred audio markets – microphones – was a real challenge”, said Brendan Murray of the Trust Network. 
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Ros Murray, director of the Trust Network added: "Our humble beginnings were in an office the size of a pantry with a typewriter, phone and use of someone else’s fax (thanks Malcolm, wherever you are). Today  the Trust Network has seamless integration of its database, communication, research and analysis functions covering thousands of products and their re-seller routes to market.

"No amount of technology can replace the knowledge, insight, thinking outside the box and the will to succeed in getting brands to market in even the most challenging of circumstances.  This is what has maintained the 93 per cent plus success record of the Trust Network over our 20 years.   It’s what we promise to give each of our clients into the next 20 years.”

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